Studio Masiello is a structural engineering practice dealing with state-of-the-art integrated design of complex projects. Thanks to our 15 years of experience acquired in the engineering field, we offer knowledge, know-how, creativity, innovation and technological support to face any demand.


The traditional design process has been changing in the last few years for a series of different reasons: the cultural context transformation, the new technological achievements, the renewed possibilities increasing and widening the designer scenarios.

The limited space that contemporary architecture requires from the structure has made traditional calculation methods out-of-date, since only a systematic application of more updated and refined analysis, supported by appropriate calculation tools, can achieve such results.

Such theories pose the important question about the real constructability of architectural projects, because the attention focuses on the choice of the most fitting technology for the realisation of an idea, while the different shapes are modelled thanks to the structure, to the materials, to the techniques and to the shape itself.


Thanks to the strong knowledge acquired in the structural engineering field, Studio Masiello Strutture, under Gerardo Masiello’s leadership, offers the experience, the creativity and the technological supports to face the most different demands of the innovative frontiers of the integrated design of complex projects.

The cooperation with the Universitiy of Pisa and the research and experimentation activity of the last years have been the fulcrum of Studio Masiello work, and have made it possible to direct the structural design towards the use of innovative materials, evolved static schemes, refined technological details.

This new kind of approach needs a strong investment in the technological integration, possible thanks to the close cooperation that Studio Masiello has continuously cultivated with workshops and workforces, called to transform the idea into reality; this also helped matching and synthetizing theoretical and practical aspects, saving the original idea, without forgetting the affordability of the project.


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