A worksite that makes headlines | New Dormitory Bicocca in Milan

Work in porgress!

MILANO_ Good news from Via dell’innovazione!

The new Bicocca University’s dormitory in Milan is getting into its shape in Via dell’Innovazione.  Studio Masiello Strutture collaborated with Steel Project Italia to the structural project: the magazine Promozione Acciaio talked about us in september 2017 (http://www.promozioneacciaio.it/cms/it6944-residenza-universitaria-in-acciaio-in-corso-il-cantiere-del-nuovo-studentato-milano.asp), and today the building is quoted on the blog Urban File about emerging architectural realities in Italian cities (http://blog.urbanfile.org/2018/02/19/milano-bicocca-cantieri-vari-febbraio-2018/).

Only few months passed and the Stahlbau Pichler’s worksite is alive, meanwhile the basement structures, subject of the office service, stand as the skeleton of this huge building.


Link to the project: http://www.smstrutture.it/portfolio_page/investire-dormitory-milan/?lang=en


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