Countdown to Milan 2015 Expo

Piazza Gae Aulenti

Countdown to Milan 2015 Expo

We are just three days from the beginning of the most important international event of the year: Milan 2015 Expo. Engineers and architects are most excitedly waiting for the last technological developments: sure enough, since 1851, universal expositions, an occasion to meet different cultures,  have had state-of-the-art architecture an structural engineering as their main characters. If the Eiffel Tower (1889) is by far the most famous example , there is no way we can forget other masterpieces, such as the Crystal Palace in London (1851, first universal exposition, destroyed by a fire in 1937), Mies van der Rohe’s German pavillion in Barcelona (1929), the Atomium in Brussels (1958), the Biosphere in Montreal (1967) and many others.

There are, indeed, great expectations, as more than 10 million tickets have already been sold. Sure enough, Milan, for years hi-tech Italian main center (in the photo, the plaza named after Italian architect Gae Aulenti) will be up to the task of a world’s fair.

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