Happy Bday | five-year-old walkway


Happy Bday | five-year-old walkway

February 2013, Pisa: launch oh the pedestrian walkway for the connection of the interrupted line of the medieval walls on Via San Francesco.
In the context of the interventions for a sustainable urban development of the Municipality of Pisa, Studio Masiello played an important role in the design of the new structures for the ancient defence system: the walkway, a timber tower for the access to the top, the consolidation of some adjacent buildings, the lift in Piazza delle Gondole, and the lift of the ex-Marzotto area. The delicate integration beetween new elements and the existing ones, proves the deep knowledge of the traditional constructive techniques and a sensitive approach to the ancient structures.


link to the project: http://www.smstrutture.it/portfolio_page/progetto-mura-pisa/?lang=en

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