Cisanello Hospital | Pisa

The project features two different single-storey buildings for expanding Cisanello Hospital, the main hospital in Pisa. The tender was won by AtiProject and Studio Masiello Strutture.

The building “A” is the new reception, which will enable the users to have a better and easier access to the hospital; the new building is included between two wings of the #10 building. The new structure, at first conceived in steel, will have in its latest form a perimeter of CHS columns and steel main beams, which support the secondary timber beams and a roof with timber panels.

The builgind “B” will be erected in the courtyard between buildings #10 and #30, creating a roofed path between them. As requested, the structure is all timber, with XLAM walls, timber beams and XLAM roof.


Pisa, Cisanello Hospital



Project cost

€ 1,460,000


New buildings, Tenders

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