Expansion Palazzo Cova-Adaglio | Casale Monferrato

Expansion Palazzo Cova-Adaglio | Casale Monferrato

The executive project is about the construction of a new school campus, as a part of the program for the reuse, recovery, functional adjustment and expansion, of the building “Palazzo Cova-Adaglio” in the Municipality of Casale Monferrato (AL).

The new school complex is composed by two blocks, parts of a single structural unit: school + facilities block and the gym. The structure is made out of X-lam walls and elements in laminated wood. The foundation structure is composed by 115 micropile IGU (single global injection) with a 250 mm diameter and 9,5 m length reinforced with CHS 177.8×8 mm, linked at the top with a web of pole-top beams, with 3 different sections. The choice of a deep foundation has been suggested by a superficial shaken soil layer, approximately 2 m deep, under which there are slit + sand and sand + gravel soils, with more elevated mechanic characteristics. The deep foundation, push till 9,5 m, stops in the heterogeneous gravel layer, with a prevalent medium – fine thick composition with occasional pebbles.


Municipality of Casale Monferrato


Casale Monferrato - Alessandria



Project cost

550 000 euro


New buildings, Tenders

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