Glass floor | Grosseto

Glass floor | Grosseto

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The structure of a glass floor with metal frame was installed on a loft floor inside a vinery in Santa Fiora, Grosseto, Tuscany. The glass panels of the floor were made with layered slabs with 8+10+10 mm thickness with a polymeric PVB interlayer 1.52 mm thick. The upper slab is tempered and was given an antisliding pixel flooring, whereas the intermediate panel and the lower panel are made with annealed glass. The current Italian regulations (CNR-DT 210) create an enormous disadvantage for the annealed glass resistance, so, to be able to use panels of such materials, it was necessary to carry out a range of experimental tests at the SSV (Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro) in Marghera, Venice, a relevant institute with more than 60 years of experience in survey, investigation, research and analysis supporting the technical progress of the national glass industry.




Grosseto (Tuscany)



Project Cost

€ 120,000


Structural glass