Six-meter glass beam installed

The restoration and valorisation works at the ancient slaughterhouse in Pisa are proceeding to the end: the project, one of the several which should guarantee a more sustainable appearance to the town, will give the citizen a new scientific area, named after Italian great astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei.

Inside the early-19th-century masonry buildings, some steel-and-glass structures have found their place. And, thanks to the research on the mechanical behaviour of the latter material, it has been possible to achieve a breakthrough on structural glass: a catwalk bearing onto a six-metre glass beam, consisting of 4 heat-strengthened glass panels and a stainless steel rectangular bar on the lower side, in order to reinforce the structure and allow a behaviour similar to the reinforced concrete in the event of the glass breaking. The adherence between glass and steel reinforcement is secured during lamination with DuPont® SGP® as interlayer. The loads on the beam are the dead load (structural and non-structural), the catwalk weight, the parapet weight and the live load from people walking on it.


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