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“The boys and girls of Amatrice will rely on a new school campus realized thanks to BIM technologies… realized in a very short time and the structure will be earthquake proof”.

Il nuovo Polo Scolastico di Amatrice


This is how magazines talk about our work: the new school campus in Amatrice, for which SMStrutture dealt with the structural aspects, is defined as a “Strategic Building”. Designed to resist to extremely high seismic actions (PGA = 1.6 g), it has been an interesting challenge to get in touch with out of ordinary actions.

Link to the project: http://www.smstrutture.it/portfolio_page/school-campus-amatrice/?lang=en


Record Times #Amatrice

One year after the strong earthquake that destroyed the central part of Italy in August 2016, the executive project for the new Amatrice school campus “Romolo Capranica” is now being built. Studio Masiello played an important role in the process, concerning the structural design of the 6 buildings (made in timber and steel), next to the tenderer AtiProject who dealt with the architectural and MEP aspects.

Only six months passed from the validation, and the structures are now standing, while the campus is assuming a shape. A “manifesto worksite” of an efficient design method, implemented in a record time for drawings production matched with an effective practicability for the workforces. To be continued…


Link to the project: http://www.smstrutture.it/portfolio_page/school-campus-amatrice/?lang=en