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Connecting with our clients on a personal level

With over 15 years of experience our company has recognized the importance of having an honest and open relationship with our customers. Merging that experience with the  out of the box thinking of our young engineers has molded our company into the creative force that it is today. We encourage our workers to have an open mind to your suggestions, and ultimately present you with a solution to any construction challenge, without compromising the final outcome of our product. It is important for us that you see the idea of working together as an opportunity to a partnership and not only as a regular company-client relationship. We encourage our clients to challenge us and be direct in their demands which will give us the freedom to do the same, because ultimately, we believe that to be the best way of conducting business and deliver the best product to our clients.

Studio Masiello Structures

Our Team


georardo masiello
Gerardo Masiello

- Founder Managing director

    francesco del viva
    Francesco Del Viva

    - Partner
    - Senior engineer
    - Programming manager

      mateo pierotti
      Matteo Pierotti

      - Project Manager
      - BIM Manager

        marco mori
        Marco Mori

        - Senior structural engineer
        - Geothecnics Engineer

          DESIGN BOARD

          marco cinotti
          Marco Cinotti

          - Existing buildings engineer

            martina pellegrino
            Martina Pellegrino

            - Project Leader
            - Structural Engineer

              pietro diamanti
              Pietro Diamanti

              - Project Leader
              - Structural Engineer

                laura de salvo
                Laura De Salvo

                - Project Manager
                - BIM Coordinator

                  luca guidi
                  Luca Guidi

                  - Project Leader
                  - Structural Engineer

                    anna continanza
                    Anna Continanza

                    - Project leader
                    - BIM Coordinator

                      michele fascilla
                      Michele Fascilla

                      - Project leader
                      - Structural engineer

                        antonio navazio
                        Antonio Navazio

                        - Structural engineer

                          giovanni inghirami
                          Giovanni Inghirami

                          - Application developer
                          - Parametric design engineer

                            irene rossi
                            Irene Rossi

                            - BIM Specialist

                              annamaria gambino
                              Annamaria Gambino

                              - Structural engineer

                                italo anastasi
                                Italo Anastasi

                                - Structural Engineer

                                  elisa amenta
                                  Elisa Amenta

                                  - Structural engineer

                                    chiara gallorini
                                    Chiara Gallorini

                                    - BIM Specialist

                                      beatrice rossi
                                      Beatrice Rossi

                                      - BIM Specialist

                                        sara tenchini
                                        Sara Tenchini

                                        - BIM Specialist

                                          Let’s Work Together

                                          The practice is a team of young engineers dealing with every aspect of structural design. We are constantly looking for new ideas and new talents. If you’re interested in our works or in our design approach and want to discover our workplace, feel free to contact us at any time.


                                          Our clients and successfully completed projects.

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