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The project concerns a multifunctional hall in a residual lot of the small neighbourhood “I Passi”, in the outskirts of Pisa. The estate is adjacent to the the Morto River and some residential areas.

The building has a simple and rectangular plan scheme with two storeys. The main room, at the upper level, has a parallelepiped shape: on the south side there is the hall, laid out as a multifunctional room, whereas the facilities, the lifts and the stairs are located north.

From a structural point of view, the building is made with reinforced concrete; the large longitudinal walls on the first storey bear and overhang on two smaller walls at the ground floor and act as support for the slabs.

The first-floor slab has a reinforced concrete structure; besides, there is a further cantilever steel slab, composed by a corrugated sheet and an OSB layer. The roof slab has a pre-stressed concrete structure with alveolar section.

The foundation is deeply anchored and consists in a group of 32 FDP poles, linked by pole-top beams, which were necessary considering the characteristics of the terrain close to a river.

Pisa, Italy
Comune di Pisa
Multifunctional hall
Project completed
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