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Parking De Gasperi in San Donato Milanese

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The new parking lot has a rectangular shape and is composed of three levels: the ground floor is accessed through the new Boulevard and includes a steel canopy, while the two underground levels are accessed through a circular ramp in reinforced concrete.

To perform the excavations, soil consolidation by means of jet-grouting columns is required, to create a provisional waterproof basin and later provide greater assurance of water impermeability within the parking lot.

It is also planned to completely perimeter the project area with a diaphragm bulkhead for the construction of the underground floors. In the provisional phase, on the side of the existing building this bulkhead will be bound with tie rods, to be deactivated in the following phases.

The vertical structures are made of prefabricated and cast-in-place concrete pillars with circular and rectangular section. The beams are in prestressed concrete with inverted T section and the floors are made of honeycomb panels in prestressed concrete.

San Donato Milanese (MI), Italy
Comune di San Donato Milanese
Design completed
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