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The project concerns the construction of the new secondary school “Dino Compagni” in Florence, through the demolition, reconstruction and expansion of the existing buildings.

The campus consists of a three-floor complex, with an approximated covered area of more than 4.000 sqm, and features 6 blocks divided from a seismic and a structural point of view: two buildings for the classrooms, the central volume with the didactic offices, a library, an auditorium and a gymnasium. All around the complex there is a wide open area, with slopes and different levels, which required the project of retaining walls, ramps and stairs. The structure is made with reinforced concrete, with cast-in-place columns and beams, REP beams and prefab two-way (CUBE) and one-way (PLASTBAU) slabs, realised with insulating formwork and lightening elements in EPS.

2016 - 2017
Florence, Italy
Comune di Firenze
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