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The office has been involved in the structural design, definitive and executive project, for the new scholar campus at the area of Via Raffaello Sanzio (Empoli, Florence). The complex is composed by four blocks, jointed from a seismic point of view one to the other: classrooms, offices, gym + facilities, connective structure.

The classrooms, offices, gym + facilities blocks have a load bearing structure composed by X-lam walls and laminated wood pillars. The slabs are composed by laminated wood beams of various sections. The foundation system has reinforced concrete beams with reverse T section. The classrooms volume is a double storey building, while the office block has only one floor, located between the classrooms block and the gym to which is linked by seismic joints.

The foundation structures are realized through a frame of reverse T section beams made out of reinforced concrete, with an elevate height of the section to grant an adequate hydraulic capacity to the meteoric waste water web. It has been necessary to move different volumes of soil to bring the original external level of the lot to the ground floor of the building.

Empoli (FI), Italy
Città Metropolitana di Firenze
Project completed
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