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The assignment regards the executive project of the structure to realize the classrooms block in the new school campus “Enrico Mestica “, in the Municipality of Macerata. The building is made out of two main blocks: block A, hosting the classrooms, and block B for the gym and a multifunctional space.

The project has been then changed with a variation, when the seismic action has been moved from a structure with steel bracing to a new one with stiffened pillars and timber bracing, regarding both the bracing frame (horizontal and vertical elements) and the diagonals, with section till 24×52 cm. Block B has a rectangular shape and the same structural conception.

The timber structure is dimensioned to fulfil the R60 fire prevention requirement, with the calculation of the reduction of the resistant section trough the carbonization of the timber elements and with the protection of the steel elements trough a layer of vermiculite plaster.

Macerata, Italy
Commissario Straordinario per la Ricostruzione/Commissioner for Reconstruction
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