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The project concerns the structures of the gymnasium in the sport campus of Caselle (Verona). As requested by the Municipality, the load-bearing structure is composed by 8 plywood frames, with a linear part and a curved one. The original project featured beams cross-sections which were too small to get significant reductions in the section height, and the only operable way would have been to increase the number of frames. SMS’s project was based on the use of plywood beams Armalam® type and also the reinforcement of the wood with steel bars placed in some appropriate longitudinal cuts, kept together by a specific epoxy glue. In this way, it was possible to achieve a significant reduction of the visual and volumetric impact of the main structures.

To counteract the horizontal actions (earthquake and wind) the project features a bracing system located between two frames, consisting of Ø36 steel bars placed at St. Andrew’s cross;

such elements run through the roof to the ground, acting as bracing for both the roof and the vertical structures; in this way, the visual impact of the steel elements has been greatly limited.

Sommacampagna (VR), Italy
Comune di Sommacampagna
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