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The project is about the construction of a new school in Calcinaia (Pisa), on a free lot close to the river Arno bank, near the historic town centre.

The building is divided in two units, separated by a seismic joint of 6 cm, defining also the functional distinction in pre-school and primary school. The pre-school is a one-level building, with a regular plan, apart from a small rectangle where the joint is located.  The primary school is composed by two rectangular blocks: the first one (two floors) with the didactic functions, the second one with the canteen (one floor).

The structure is realised with a system of vertical and horizontal X-Lam panels and plywood beams, based on a concrete foundation frame.

In the pre-school block, all the horizontal loads (earthquake and wind action) bear on the X-Lam walls; on the other hand, in the other part of the building, the bracing function is taken by both X-Lam walls and some V-shaped steel columns (which have the double purpose of providing vertical support to the upper cantilever and getting a part of the horizontal load, thanks to their triangular frame disposition).

Riese Pio X (TV), Italy
Comune di Calcinaia
Project completed
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