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The paediatric hospital of Kabul is a one-level, wide building with a r.c. structure. The plan has an irregular rectangular shape, approximately 96×20 m, with a 12.50×8.50 m cantilever part.

The calculations have been carried out following the European regulations (Eurocode 2 and Eurocode 8). From a structural point of view, the critical features of the project were mainly two:

  • the strong seismic action, with an acceleration ag = 0.40 g and a correspondent spectral elastic acceleration Se = 1.35 g;
  • the low quality of the reinforcing steel, with a characteristic yielding resistance fyk = 275 N/mm2 (against an Italian value of 450 N/mm2), which had to be divided by the partial safety factor, and the practical aspect that the maximum available diameter for the bars was Ø20.

Two different 3d models for the tests on vertical and horizontal elements were defined, one for each of the two structural units; besides, the foundation was verified through a third model, which featured both the two units and the basement.

Kabul, Afghanistan
Politecnica srl
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