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The executive project is about the realization of the new primary school “Pietro Santini”, located in the Municipality of Loro Piceno (MC). The school is characterized by a double storey structure with a partially practicable covering, headed towards Viale della Vittoria. The plan geometry of the entire structural complex has a “L” shape, where the principal block has dimensions of 32 m x 9.8 m, from which delivers a projection of 19.9 m x (3.6 m ÷ 6.1 m), almost corresponding to the practicable area.

All the bracing structures, with CHS sections have a double hinge joint at the extremities, and are composed by elements carrying both traction and compression.

In order to grant the necessary deformation requirements of the structure, the longitudinal principal beams are embedded to the columns, while the transversal ones and all the secondary beams have a hinged configuration at the extremities.

Loro Piceno (MC), Italy
Commissario Straordinario per la Ricostruzione/Commissioner for Reconstruction
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