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The new Amatrice School Campus consists of 4 one-storey buildings (preschool, primary school, middle school, high school), a toy library, a gym and a two-storey dormitory for the students, with 4,400 sqm covered area. The complex is an essential part of the reconstruction plan defined after the strong seismic event in Central Italy (August 2016).

The Order of the Special Commissioner for the Reconstruction after the earthquake, no. 14 (16 January 2016), requested a steel structure for the elevation on a reinforced concrete foundation.

The complex develops on a principal axis, with a simple volumetric distribution, connected by a public central square of a sort: a small Agorà, as a social meeting point.

From the north-west entrance, the first buildings are the toy library and the gym; on entering the Agorà, the path leads to the primary school entrance, moving towards the two rotated and detached volumes of the middle school and high school; the dormitory, on a slightly higher level, lays transversely at the end of the composition.

Amatrice (RT), Italia
Commissioner for Reconstruction
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