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The intervention features the construction documents for the project of a school (Vedelago sud).

The building has an “L” shape and is composed by two structurally-independent blocks. The structure is made with reinforced concrete, defined from a seismic point of view as a not-paired wall structure, with r.c. beams and alveolar pre-stressed prefab slabs. The two blocks are characterised by a different conformation of the structural elements: the first one, which hosts the classrooms, has a regular beams span; the second block hosts the common functions, therefore the vertical elements are rarefied and concentrated on the short sides, with three concrete deep beams. It is a double-storey building, and the first floor has a cantilever part, 1.20 m out of the ground floor on the principal prospect.

The foundation is only one for the two parts in elevation: a reverse beam frame, with T section of medium height (thanks to satisfactory soil characteristics), continuous and jointed, granting a uniform behaviour of the different blocks.

Vedelago has been the first project completely carried out in a BIM environment by Studio Masiello Strutture, who have recently developed a few procedures which have led to represent all details and concrete reinforcements in spite of the limits of Revit software.

Vedelago (TV), Italy
Comune di Vedelago
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