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The project is about the reconstruction of the school campus of Via Brocchi, the first timber building in Milan. The complex, approximately 110×65 m, is the result of the composition of different volumes based on a single continuous foundation (which grants a uniform behaviour to the different buildings): classrooms building, canteen, auditorium, gym, library, technical services.

Most of the elevation is made using the X-Lam wood panel technology, sometimes substituted by timber columns, steel columns and V-shaped columns with circular section, or skylights with steel elements composing vortex shapes. The horizontal structures are made out of plywood beams and steel beams, with X-Lam and Platform-frame slabs.

The X-Lam walls are joined to the foundation with a special element in weathering steel, creating a small air compartment. The plywood beam end-connections are made as a simple bearing on the walls (or on the lintels) or with steel T-section supports, concealed into the timber wall.

The timber structure is dimensioned to fulfil the R60 fire resistance, considering the section reduction for carbonization, or, when this test is not satisfied, using an additional plasterboard covering layer (type F) on the walls.

Milan, Italy
Comune di Milano
Project completed
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