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The project concerns a building in Milan, which will host a university dormitory, for a total 10,000 sqm surface, with a reinforced concrete structure 54 m high. The executive project carried out by SMS is about the structures under the ground level: ground and first floor slabs, foundation and retaining walls.

The static scheme is determined by 4 concrete cores with an enclosed perimeter, acting as bracing structures for horizontal loads, taking more than 85% of the seismic action, as requested by the regulation. In addition, there are also rectangular columns around the r.c. cores and along the perimeter.

As far as the horizontal structures are concerned, the diaphragm behaviour is granted by 24 cm cobiax slabs.

The basement will be realised with a 50 cm monolithic slab in ordinary areas; under the pillars and the core walls there will be footings to maximize the load distribution area on the ground. Moreover, the two underground levels required r.c. retaining walls, to oppose to the ground thrust.

Milan, Italy
Sthalbau Pichler Gmbh
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