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The office dealt with the structural design of the new school complex “I.T.I.S. Divini”, in the Municipality of San Severino Marche (MC), structurally organized in two blocks. Block A represents the heart of the building, and consists in classrooms, laboratories, offices for the school management, while block  hosts the gym. The structural unit is a seismic isolated block, statically independent in the elevation and characterized by an almost squared plan with 7 floors.

The building is made out of prefabricated reinforced concrete, with standard pillars and PREM beams in b) category, with a concrete case 20 cm wide (Guide Lines Supreme Council responsible for overseeing public works n. 116/2009). The slabs are realized with pre- stressed alveolar plates with casting finish.

The isolation system is composed by mechanisms “friction pendulim” type with double curvature. This way the horizontal actions are transferred from the lower slab to the supporting plinths, and then to the foundation. Along the perimeter of the building is designed a retaining wall to create a hole space, dimensioned to have the necessary space from the external perimeter to avoid hammering phenomena during the displacements during the earthquake.

The under-floor cavity is accessible for the maintenance and the inspection of the isolation mechanisms thanks to a stair and a compartment open in the upper part, to grant the necessary space to wane the eventual mechanisms to be replaced with a lifting system.

Severino Marche (MC), Italy
Commissario Straordinario per la Ricostruzione/Commissioner for Reconstruction
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