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The executive project is about the structural design for the realization of the new residential complex, composed by different buildings for social housing, in Massa. The complex is divided in various blocks: G, H, I, garage E-F. Each building has a semi-basement level with reinforced concrete septa and pillars, to be used as a garage for the cars, overcome by two floors completely out of the ground with an Xlam structure. The foundation is a reinforced concrete slab 30 cm thick. The floor out of the ground are composed by X-lam walls and the slab has steel and timber beams.

The block with the stairs and the elevator, located on the perimeter, is linked to the timber structure by seismic joints and is completely made out of reinforced concrete.

At the end of the line of the buildings is located building I, and alongside this one there is a reinforced concrete tier, linked to the timber structure with a seismic joint, and hosting a technical space under is steps. Therefore, in order to analyse the global seismic behaviour of building I, the tier has not been geometrically designed in the FEM model, but its presence has been considered with equivalent masses and loads, applied to the elements where the tier is linked.

Massa, Italy
ERP Massa Carrara SpA
Project completed
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