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We offer a wide range of services, from concept to detail and construction design, covering all project phases. The specialization achieved by each professional, in different design fields, allows an optimized and tailor-made approach to each project, which is managed by a skilled and highly experienced technician, in order to achieve high-quality standards in every project.

bim design - 3d model of a building

BIM Design

The new engineering approach requires a strong technological integration, which has been enabled by a close cooperation between our practice, workshops and workforce, all working together in order to make the idea become a physical construction; such cooperation has helped us spot and merge the scientific and building aspects, respecting the design concept with full compliance with the economic aspects of the project.

structural design

Structural Design

The different mechanical response of the various building materials requires a specific approach for each of them, as far as structural analysis is concerned.
The practice uses specialized software on each structural material, in order to achieve accurate Finite Element Modelling, which produces precise results on which the design is based.

project management - big residential complex

Project management

The skills of our project managers are combined with the potential of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in order to check the design in all its phases. The risk of mistake is reduced and any inconsistency between disciplines is resolved at the preliminary stage of design. Moreover, quantities and costs are constantly under control.

construction supervision

Construction supervision

Construction is a complex process that must be followed at every stage, ensuring the collaboration between engineer and contractor. Our successfully completed projects are the guarantee of our commitment in the process.

graphics and modelling - sphere

Graphics and modelling

The use of Advanced Parametric CAD enables us to achieve an extreme accuracy in advanced modelling, thanks to the digitization of all components.

studio masiello structture - notebook - notepad

Other Services

We provide legal services in regards to acquiring the necessary paperwork required for building or remodeling a structure such as planning permissions, acceptance testings etc.

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