Structural design

The different mechanical response of the various building materials requires a specific approach for each of them, as far as structural analysis is concerned.
The practice uses specialized software on each structural material, in order to achieve accurate Finite Element Modelling, which produces precise results on which the design is based.

Studio Masiello has been developing several Macros in Visual Basic for Application (VBA) language. Our Macros create programms which solve the numerous calculations required by current structural regulations, reducing possible errors. Moreover, via the Strand 7 API (Application Programming Interface) it is possible to manage the calculation code and optimize the iterative process on each advanced model.

Research & Development

We are always in pursuit of further developing our company and ourselves. Thus we have managed to allocate resources into researching engineering techniques and new protocols that will put us in the position to provide quality services to our clients while at the same time making us competitive in the marketplace.
Studio Masiello has been cooperating with the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Pisa since 2001. The Research and Development activity carried out in the last decade has been the basis of our work within the practice, and has enabled us to lead the structural design sector towards the use of innovative materials, advanced models and sophisticated technological details.



Reinforced concrete

reinforced concrete






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